We make your first impression effective.

Tell them who you are.

Your logo—the face of your organization—communicates the nature of your product or service. As the foundation of your branded image, continued exposure of your logo will define what your organization represents. With an identity solution that fits your business, your target market will understand WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU OFFER. A strategically designed identity that grows with your business is essential to your success.

Coco creative can help you focus on your message, define your business’ distinct personality and communicate this through a logo. From signage to stationery, we create successful identity solutions.

A successful logo.

Your logo’s success depends on its flexibility for use in many print and web applications. As the graphic representation of your business, your logo should be easy to recognize and meet the style characteristics for color, size and detail.

Your logo must look good in color as well as in black and white — for use in forms or newpaper ads. A simple color palette minimizes the printing costs of identity and promotional materials. This is why most professional logos are created in one or two colors.